Breakthrough Clean 295 Tactical Battle Pack

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The Breakthrough Clean 295 Tactical Battle Pack has everything you need to get out on the range. Enjoy this exclusive spring sale as it will only be for a limited time. 

This pack will includes:

(1) Breakthrough Battle Born Grease 12cc Syringe

Battle Born Grease is designed to be the highest quality, most advanced, lubrication available on the market. Our firearm grease is formulated with pure synthetic oils, shear stability additives and Sub-Micron size PTFE to protect against wear and corrosion from friction and moisture while withstanding a broad range of temperatures. (Operating Range -75° to +510°F).

(1) Breakthrough Clean 2 fl oz Spray Bottle

Military grade weapon cleaning product, MIL-PRF-680C Type II in 2 oz spray bottle. Removes all fouling, while completely evaporating, leaving absolutely no residue behind. Benzene free, PH neutral, non-corrosive, does not freeze, non-flammable, non-water based, virtually odorless, low toxicity, low vapor pressure, non-carcinogenic.

(1) Breakthrough Battle Born High Purity Oil  2 fl oz Bottle

Battle Born High Purity Oil is a blend of the finest quality synthetic oils available and treated with the most effective extreme pressure, corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant, anti-foam and anti-wear additives.

First 15 orders will receive a free 295 Tactical sticker and a random Breakthrough Clean sticker and patch.